Wordjamacallit FAQ

How does the Sparq Rush work?

A Sparq Rush is a special 24-hour event during which players receive 1,000 bonus imagination points for every sparq collected.

In addition to the sparq bonus, the top 5 collectors receive a bonus of up to 50,000 imagination points.

A Sparq Rush can happen on any day with no advance notice, so check in regularly or subscribe to notifications on Discord to be sure you don't miss one!

What's the difference between the difficulty levels?

A game starts with a list of words which are each hidden on a card and shuffled into 4 stacks.

Normal difficulty has a limit of 8 cards per stack, Medium: 10, Hard: 12, and Insane: 24.

The biggest difference between Normal and the other difficulty levels is what happens when you collect an "extra" card, which is a card you collect without explicitly entering the hidden word on that card. For example, you collect "extra" cards when you get a combo, a bingo, or use an obscure word or plural that isn't in the hidden word list.

On Normal difficulty, these extra cards are simply removed from the stacks and you can win the game without ever explicitly entering the words hidden on those cards.

On Medium and higher levels, extra cards are re-added to the bottom of the stacks (but not on empty stacks) so you still have to explicitly enter the words on those cards at some point in order to win the game.

On Medium, you have to explicitly enter 50% of the word list. On Hard and Insane it's 100%.

And the final difference is that Normal, Medium, and Hard levels include only common English words, while Insane levels include many more obscure words.

Note that if the starting words list isn't very long (i.e., the letters on the wheel can only form a small number of valid English words), the difference between the difficulty levels may be negligible. You'll notice the biggest difference in levels where many words can be formed with the letters on the wheel.

How is the Coffee Break scored?

The Coffee Break scoring system is designed to reward players who collect cards quickly, so to get high scores you simply need to play fast! But if you'd like more details you can find them below.

The Coffee Break is scored the same as any other game, except there's an additional bonus multiplier of up to 2x if you get a card with a timer bonus remaining.

The timer bonus is represented by a horizontal line that starts out at the full width of the card and shrinks down until it disappears when the timer bonus expires. When the line is at its full width, the bonus for collecting the card is 2x. The bonus counts down to 1x, so for example, if you collected the card with half of the bonus time remaining you would receive a 1.5x bonus score for that card.

The timer bonus for top layer of cards expires after 7.5 seconds, and the timer lasts an additional 7.5 seconds for each layer down in the stack. So the timer bonus for the cards on the second layer expires after 15 seconds, the third layer after 22.5 seconds, etc.

Timer bonuses are multiplied together for combos, so for example, a 4-card combo where each collected card has the maximum timer bonus of 2x will result in the combo score being multipled by 8 (2 x 2 x 2 x 2).

Bingo words are awarded the normal scoring without a timer bonus. The timer bonus is not applied to Bingo words to make the game more fair if a player learns the Bingo word for the Coffee Break game in advance, for example, from another player.

How can I see my position on the corporate ladder?

The ladder monitor on the main screen shows your rank on your ladder level. Tap the monitor for details including the name of your current ladder level and whether you're eligible for promotion to the next level.

Tap the leaderboard (trophy) button on the main screen and choose "ladder" to see the leaderboard for everyone at your ladder level.

How do I get promoted on the corporate ladder?

Each week a percentage of the top performers are promoted and low performers are demoted as follows:

Ladder Level Promotions Demotions
Junior Collector (JrC) 50% ---
Senior Collector (SrC) 40% 10%
Principal Collector (PrC) 30% 10%
Lead Collector (LdC) 30% 10%
Manager (Mgr) 30% 10%
Director (Dir) 30% 10%
Vice President (VP) 30% 10%
Senior Vice President (SVP) 20% 10%
Executive Vice President (EVP) 10% 10%
Imagination Officer (IO) --- 10%

If there are fewer than 10 employees in a given ladder level, there will be no promotions or demotions that week.

How can I tell if I'm eligible for a promotion?

Check the ladder leaderboard. Players above the PROMOTION ZONE line are eligible for promotion and players below the DEMOTION ZONE line are at risk of being demoted. Players between the two zones will maintain their ladder level.

When do promotions happen?

Promotions and demotions are processed every Monday after 12am UTC. Note that you must accept your promotion in the company app before it becomes effective.

What happens if I miss a week?

Players who don't post any scores for an entire week are automatically in the demotion zone and will be demoted one ladder level the following week.

Who is the Chief Imagination Officer?

The Chief Imagination Officer (CIO) is the #1 ranked player on the Imagination Officer leaderboard at promotion time.

Who are the Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors are the top 10 ranked players on the all-time leaderboard.

Who is the Chair of the Board?

The Chair of the Board (COB) is the #1 ranked player on the all-time leaderboard.